About Us

DGMB Training Solutions Ltd was founded in November 2010 by passionate executive trainers,as a pragmatic training & consultancy vehicle for advancing executive, professional and staff courses in the region.

The company was established after the trainers recognized the increasing need for quality finance related training at affordable prices to institutions in the region.  Each trainer has over ten years practical work experience and training.

We belief financial training combined with the genuine desire to apply best practices will address the current sub-optimal performance by many institutions in the region.  Training equips staff with practical skills to boost value creation for institutions in our region. We focus on giving people in private and public sectors the opportunity to sharpen, upgrade their skills and improve their performance in order to build positive, steady, strong institutions and create value on a sustainable basis.

DGMB Training Solutions aims to facilitate institutions in the complex task of developing and maintaining competitive advantage, ensuring growth and survival in the dynamic and ever-changing market, through the design and delivery of the highest standards of Training and Consultancy. We are positioned to partner with institutions that embrace training not only as a means of rewarding and motivating their employees, but as an investment in future growth and sustained value creation.

To provide brilliant and practical training of choice
Providing our clients with pragmatic, Appropriate, Practical, Quality, Affordable and relevant training

To promote and enhance good corporate governance, empower human capital and champion accountability with best practices in Strategic Management, Financial Management, Risk Management, Taxation Compliance and Economic Regulation in Business, Local & Central government Institutions, Small & Medium Enterprises and Non-Governmental Organizations to make them well-grounded in up to date techniques that enable them to contribute meaningfully to national and regional development to the fullest extent possible.


The values that guide and influence the way we interact and do business with our clients are:

  • Integrity and Professionalism
  • Teamwork and Diligence
  • Passion for Excellence and Honesty